420 Virginia Avenue, New Madrid, MO
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Community Resources

The New Madrid County Family Resource Center works to make communities in New Madrid County stronger through programs that bring community leaders, residents and others together. Through state and local partnerships, several programs are available to bring opportunities in education, employment, health issues and more.

New Madrid County Resources

Delta Area Economic Opportunity Corporation

Services Provided: Housing & Facility Development Department
Housing Repair Program
Weatherization Program
Family & Community Development Department
Energy Assistance Program
LIHEAP Program
Energy Crisis Intervention Program (ECIP)
Child Care Food Program
Homeless Project Program
CSBG Programs
Life Skills
Step up, Stand up
Boy Scouts (Dunklin County)
Making the Grade

New Madrid County
99 Skyview Road
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-3442
Fax: (573) 379-5988


Services Provided: Each individual partnership offers different services/resources to assist individuals in the communities they live by providing programs and/or resources to reduce barriers to living happy healthy, productive lives.

New Madrid County Family Resource Center
420 Virginia Avenue
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-2778 0r 748-2779
Fax: (573) 748-2467


Services Provided: Provides testing for blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, sexually transmitted diseases, pregnancy, lead, and tuberculosis. The health department also provides health education, case management, flu vaccines, referrals, WIC nutrition education and food supplement program and family planning services.

New Madrid County Health Department
406 US Hwy 61
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5541
Fax: (573) 748-5996
Have Pack-n-Plays


New Madrid VO-Tech
Service Provided: Provides secondary, and post-secondary students the opportunity to prepare for work.
310 US Hwy 61
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 688-2165

Southeast Missouri State University
Services Provided: Provides educational services.
One University Plaza MS 7895
Cape Girardeau, MO 63701
Phone: (573) 651-2000
Off Site Campuses:
SEMO- Kennett (573) 888-0513
SEMO- Poplar Bluff (573) 840-9575
SAHEC – Sikeston (573) 472-3210


Missouri AEL Program/HiSet
Services Provided: Provides adult education and literacy instruction.
733 Greer Street
Sikeston, Mo. 63801
Phone: (573) 471-9469

New Madrid County Family Resource Center AEL Program/HiSet
Services Provided: Provides adult education and literacy instruction.
420 Virginia Avenue
New Madrid, MO 63869 Phone: (573) 748- 2778 Fax: (573) 748- 2467


New Madrid County

New Madrid County Family Resource Center
Services Provided: Employment assistance, intake and resource referral for any barrier.
420 Virginia
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-2778
Fax: (573) 748-2467

All Counties

American Red Cross
Services Provided: Provides fire and flood emergency relief which includes food, clothing, and shelter for up to 30 days.
2430 Myra Dr.
Cape Girardeau, MO 63703
Phone: (573) 335-9471 www.redcross.org/mo/cape-girardeau

DAEOC Homeless Shelter
Services Provided: Provides temporary housing for those in need.
820 Anderson
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 471-6014


New Madrid County

New Madrid County Family Resource Center
Services Provided: Offers job readiness training, job search assistance, job applications, assistance with resumes, and much more.
420 Virginia Ave.
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-2778
Fax: (573) 748-2467

Missouri Mentoring Partnership
Services Provided: This program is built on partnerships between the
public and private sectors. The goal is to provide motivated young people
Ages 27 and under who have experienced difficult life changes with
Employment Opportunities based on a mentoring support system.
420 Virginia Avenue
New Madrid MO, 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5371

Services Provided: Provides job placement (industrial/clerical).
1214 Linn St.
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 472- 3800


New Madrid/Scott/Mississippi/Dunklin/Pemiscot

Senior Community Services
Services Provided: Works with low income senior citizens age 55
& older to find employment. Also offer Training, Placement Services, and Supportive Services to residents whom reside in the qualified counties.
2545 S. Hanley Rd.
St. Louis MO 63114
Phone: (314)646-5849

MERS/ Goodwill
Services Provided: Provides General youth programs, employment assistance, work readiness classes, and education and literacy classes.
Pemiscot Co. Dunklin Co. & Pemiscot 1206 Ward Ave. 1100 S. Bypass
P.O. Box 766 Kennett, MO 63857
Caruthersville, MO 63830 Phone: (573) 888-4518
Phone: (573) 333-0012 Fax: (573) 888-1324
Fax: (573) 333-0280

Missouri Career Center
Services Provided: Helps look for jobs, resume workshops,
Location referrals, W.I.A. training/education referrals and Work Ready
Missouri Program.
202 S. Kingshighway
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 472-5250
Fax: (573) 472-4577


Services Provided: Provides child support enforcement, income maintenance, and self-sufficiency programs (food stamps, health care, and blind services), adoption, foster parenting and rehabilitation services for the blind.

New Madrid County

350 US Highway 61 South
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5533
Fax: (573) 748-2729

To report Child Abuse: (800) 392-3738
For Family Support: (855) 373-4636


New Madrid County

O Bannon Center Pantry

1st 2nd 3rd Thursday
201 Pinnell Lane @10am-12pm
New Madrid, MO 63869 & 4th Thursday 4:30pm- 6:30pm
Phone: (573) 748- 2596

R.A.I.N - (Reaching all in need)

3rd Thursday
*Come to Ellington Insurance for a ticket* 5:00 pm
104 East Main St Bring I.D.
Portageville, MO 63873 Phone: (573) 379-5401


Services Provided: DAEOC Children’s service department provides services to low income and special needs children ages birth – 5 years and their families.
(Head Start serves ages 3-5 years and the Early Head Start serves age’s birth-3 years)

New Madrid County

Portageville Head Start
801 King Avenue
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-5419

Parma Head Start
210 West Main
Parma, MO 63870
Phone: (573) 357-5243

New Madrid Head Start & EHS
801 N. Main
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748 -7932


Childcare Resource and Referral
Phone: (866) 892-3228


Community Care Center
Services Provided: Family medicine.
204 East 3rd Street 615 Main St.
Portageville, MO 63873 New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 379-5467 Phone: (573) 748-2546

SEMO Health Network
Services Provided: Provides women’s and men’s health, family medicine, immunizations, testing services, physicals, counseling, accident/work related injuries, digital x-rays, lab, medication, and sliding fee scale.

421 SEMO Drive 223 S Third St.
New Madrid, MO 63869 Hayti, MO 63851
Phone: (573) 748-2592 Phone: (573) 359-9803


SEMO Health Network
Services Provided: Provides dentistry services for all ages; Medicaid
accepted for children.

200 Southland Drive 500 Russell St.
Sikeston, MO 63801 Kennett, MO 63857
Phone: (573) 472-4167 Phone: (573) 717- 1715

Smiles of Hope
Services Provided: Dental Clinics provide a way for people to receive
professional medical treatment at a low cost with no stipulations.
Licensed dentists from all over the state come and volunteer as a part of
our dental team to make sure every patient receives quality treatment.
The registration fee is $20 then $5 per tooth extracted. To register, please
call 573-624-2500 Ext. 108. After you register, you will be called with an
appointment date.


Bootheel Counseling Services
Services Provided: Provides individual, family, couple, and group counseling; crisis response services; community psychiatric rehabilitation programs; “Clubhouse Model” psychosocial rehabilitation; co-occurring disorders; Juvenile Justice Project; targeted case management; and family/home treatment program. Also accepts Medicaid, Medicare, private pay, and insurance.
PO Box 1043
760 Plantation Blvd
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 471-0800
24 Crisis Line: 1 (800) 356-5395

Mission Missouri Recovery Support Services
Services Provided: Provides emergency shelter, House of Liberty
Detox House, soup kitchen, mentoring, job readiness, financial
management, prevention awareness and computer literacy. They also
offer; footprints or recovery education, parenting and family skills, anger
management, and employment skills.
509 Ruth St.
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 472-4141 or (573) 481-0505


New Vision Counseling
Services Provided: Provides individual, family and group counseling services; premarital classes; couples and family therapy; marriage counseling; family/custody mediation; parenting education classes; employee assistance programs; community service coordination; disability evaluation; drug/alcohol counseling; crisis intervention; geriatric counseling; victim empathy programs; juvenile delinquency; depression and anxiety in children; children play therapy; sex abuse victim services; eating disorders; stress management; bipolar disorder; and ADHD/ADD counseling.

404 East Center St 500 South Prairie
Sikeston, MO 63801 Bloomfield, Mo 63825
Phone: (573) 481-0888 Phone: (573) 568-2222



Probation and Parole

New Madrid County

P.O. Box 335
350-C U.S. Highway 61
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-2464


New Madrid County

Right from the Start
Services Provided: Provides tools to support and enable parent children from prenatal to 3 years of age to participate in early childhood development opportunities. Their safe sleep initiative prevent deaths by educating parents and caregivers on the importance of safe sleep for their babies by providing pack n play's.
New Madrid County Family Resource Cesalnter
420 Virginia Ave.
New Madrid, MO, 63869
Phone: (573) 748-2778

Missouri Mentoring Partnership
Services Provided: MMP Young Parent Program matches any pregnant
or parenting youth 27 years of age or younger, with a trained volunteer
mentor. MMP Young Parents Program also helps young parents with
issues of nutrition, learning to cope with stress, preventive healthcare, self-
esteem, time management, and finding resources and help in New Madrid
County and the State of Missouri.
New Madrid County Family Resource Center
420 Virginia Avenue
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5371
Fax: (573) 748-2467

Parents As Teachers
Services Provided: provides an evidence-based home visiting model and is a center for innovation in promising practices and flexible and adaptive designs.
Portageville (573) 379-5706
New Madrid (573) 688-2165
Gideon (573) 448-3447

Stoddard, Pemiscot, Dunklin, Mississippi, New Madrid and Scott Counties

Bootheel Babies and Families
Services Provided: Bootheel Babies and Families is a comprehensive
community initiative to reduce infant mortality throughout six counties in
Southeast Missouri.
107 West Center St.
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 475- 8688


New Madrid County

Cottonwood Point Apartments
500 west state Highway 162
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 448-3000

Gideon Housing Authority
135 Haven Drive
Gideon, MO 63848
Phone: (573) 448-3215

Howardville Apartments
49. West Laura Street
Howardville, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 688-2250

Daeoc Homeless Shelter
820 Anderson St
Sikeston Mo 63801
Phone: (573) 471-6014

Lakeview Apartments
18 Lakeview Drive.
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-5306

Lilbourn Garden Apartments
37 Blades Drive
Lilbourn, MO 68362
Phone: (573) 688-2579

Magnolia Manor
576 West State Highway 162
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-2422

New Madrid Garden Apartments
41 Blades Dr.
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-2070

New Madrid Housing Authority
550 Semo Drive
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-2417

Northside Manor
610 Huffman
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-2422

Parma Apartments
376 Dawna Street
Parma, MO 63870
Phone: (573) 357-4365

Portageville Housing Authority
13 S Huffman Ave.
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-3479

Dogwood Apartments
430 state State Hwy 162
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-3538

Marston Apartments
300 West Elm Street
Marston, MO 63866
Phone: (573) 643-2106

Morehouse City Housing Authority
1 Dillon Street
Morehouse, MO 63868
Phone: (573) 667-5579


New Madrid County

Gideon School District #37
400 North Main Street
Gideon, MO 63848
Phone: (573) 448-3911

New Madrid County R-I
310 US Highway 61
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 688-2165

Portageville School District
904 King Street
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-3855

Risco R-II
101 Locust Street
Risco, MO 63874
Phone: (573) 396-5568


New Madrid County Transit
560 Mott St.
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5425 / (573) 748-2866


Services Provided: Working side by side with individuals, families, agencies, and diverse communities, the Department of Mental Health establishes philosophy, policies, standards, and quality outcomes for prevention, education, habilitation, rehabilitation, and treatment for Missourians challenged by mental illness, substance abuse/addiction, and developmental disabilities. The regional offices, the primary points of entry into the system, provide assessment and case management services, which include coordination of each individual persons centered plan. A regional office may refer an individual to a habilitation center. Habilitation centers primarily serve individuals who are medically and behaviorally challenged or court committed. All habilitation centers are Medicaid certified.

Sikeston Regional Center
112 Plaza Dr.
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 472-5300
Counties served: Pemiscot, Scott, New Madrid, Mississippi, Perry, and St. Genevieve


Services Provided: Emergency funding available in each county upon funding availability.

New Madrid County

Family Resource Center
420 Virginia Ave
New Madrid Mo, 63869


New Madrid, Pemiscot, and Perry County

County Disability Resources Service Coordination
Services Provided: Gathering information and planning (includes
developing a services/support plan and requesting funds for services
needed). Monitoring services provided in accordance with the service/support
plan. Linking individuals and or/ families to resources (referrals, grants,
activities, etc.). Also provide advocacy within limits (i.e. Attending IEP
meetings, assisting with appeals through Department of Mental Health).
occurred prior to age 22 and substantial functional limitations in at least two
areas of major life activity.
New Madrid- Phone: (573) 748-6080
Pemiscot- Phone: (573) 649-5450 ext. 401
Perry- Phone: (573) 547-6639
Sikeston Regional Office- Phone: (800) 497-4647


New Madrid County

New Madrid License Bureau
450 Main Street
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5354
Hours: Monday-Friday, 8-4:30. Closed for lunch from 12-1.

New Madrid Testing Site: No testing available at City of New Madrid.
Monday: Portageville Armory Building.
Corner of West 10th and
MacArthur Drive.
No phone number.
Tuesday: See Scott County for Sikeston.
Wednesday: See Mississippi County for Charleston.
Thursday: See Stoddard County for Dexter.
Friday: See Dunklin County for Malden.


New Madrid County

4H Youth in Action
Services Provided: It’s for ages 6 and up. Kids that give back to the
Community by doing projects and fundraisers.
Family Resource Center
420 Virginia Avenue
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5371


The Arbors at WestRidge Place
Services Provided: Memory care assisted living by Americare.
539 N. West
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 471-6484

The Cottages of La Bonne Maison
Services Provided: Independent living by Americare.
226 Plaza Dr.
Sikeston, Mo. 63801
Phone: (573) 472-2546

La Bonne Maison
Services Provided: Assisted living by Americare.
226 Plaza Dr.
Sikeston, MO 63801
Phone: (573) 472-2546

Cotton Point Living Center
Services Provided: Assisted living center.
609 South Railroad St.
Matthews, MO 63867
Phone: (573) 471-7861

Gideon Care Center
Services Provided: Assisted living center.
300 Lunbeck
Gideon, MO 63848
Phone: (573) 448-3505

New Madrid Living Center
Services Provided: Assisted living center.
1050 Dawson Rd.
New Madrid, MO 63869
Phone: (573) 748-5622

Portageville Nursing and Rehabilitation
Services Provided: Assisted living center.
290 West State Hwy 162
Portageville, MO 63873
Phone: (573) 379-2017